I can’t travel back in time, but in October 26, 1996 on, I saw the name of the guy who became a certified trainer.

His name stuck in my mind, and that’s why this surname is the password for the next URL.


Type password: surname (lower case letters only)


When dealing with a website and a look back in time, the first thing that comes to mind is the Wayback Machine . I went to the website and entered the URL and selected the date October 26, 1996.

Wayback Machine

There are two snapshots available for this date and the first snapshot is captured with the time 16:45:56.

I have no idea why the accessible snapshots are just one, but in wayback machine description there are two snapshots available. Anyway, I selected the first one and clicked on it.

Wayback Machine Snapshots

When visiting the website, I found the name of the guy who became a certified trainer on bottom of the page.

Which is Robert McIntosh

Robert McIntosh

Based on the instructions, the password is the surname and it should be in lower case letters only. So, the password is mcintosh.