Find the date when this URL (shortener) was created.

Password is Month and Day (eg. “jan” and day “1”)


If you are checking for the right date, try to use incognito mode.

Type password: month-day
Example: jan-4 (all lower case)


The URL is shortened using Bitly and when we open it, it redirects us to a Jan Tegze ’s LinkedIn profile.

Jan Tegze’s LinkedIn profile

A quick search on the internet and we can find that Bitly has a feature to see the creation date of a shortened URL. We can add a + at the end of the URL to see the statistics of the shortened URL. Source: Stack Overflow


So the URL becomes and we can see the creation date of the shortened URL.

Bityly date

As we can see, the creation date of the shortened URL is April 17, 2020 16:18 UTC