Airspy SDR# is a software-defined radio (SDR) application that can be used to receive radio signals. This application is developed by Airspy .


You must already configure the USB driver using Zadig . You can follow the steps in the guide .


1. Download the missing DLL file

You can download the missing DLL file from here . In this case, we only need the rtlsdr.dll file.

2. Copy the rtlsdr.dll file to the SDR# folder

Copy the rtlsdr.dll file to the SDR# folder. Ex: /path/to/sdrsharp-x86/

Copy rtlsdr.dll

3. Configure the RTL-SDR device in SDR#

Click the hamburger menu (☰) in the top left corner of the SDR# window. Then, click the Source button. Choose RTL-SDR USB in the Source dropdown menu.

Configure RTL-SDR device

Then choose Generic RTL2832U OEM (0) in the Device dropdown

Configure RTL-SDR device

4. Start the Airspy SDR# using the play button.

Press the play button to start listening to the radio signals.

Start SDR#