“Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.” β€” Aaron Swartz

$ whoami Hi! I'm echo 'RmlybWFuCg==' | base64 --decode πŸ‘‹

Just an ordinary person who loves tech, games, anime, music, and other cool stuff. When I’m not on the text editor/terminal, I enjoy playing video games, watching movies or anime, and listening to music.

Cyber security, GNU/Linux, *nix based systems, open source, FOSS, privacy, OPSEC, DFIR, OSINT, CTF, threat intelligence, reverse engineering, malware, cryptography, hardware hacking, physical security, lockpicking sport, cloud computing, DevOps, SysAdmin, SWE, SRE, operating systems, tildeverse, fediverse, bioinformatics, biohacking, data mining, Jamstack, SSG, IoT, blockchain, HPC, audiophile, mechanical keyboard, AI, ML, DL, LLM, ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games), Extended Reality (XR), 3D design, ham radio, game development, science, cyberpunk, cipherpunk, psychology, philosophy, minimalism, retrocomputing, permacomputing, etc.

I started this blog to jot down things I’ve learned, mainly because I tend to forget stuff I picked up earlier. But hey, I’ve made it public, so you’re welcome to give it a read and pick up things too. Sharing is caring, after all! ^^


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curl -sL https://hiiruki.dev/pgp | gpg --import

# Fingerprint: [0xAF5886C8] β€’ AEA5 B927 D7F0 D40B F4B3  C9F1 E40D 7521 AF58 86C8


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curl -sL https://hiiruki.dev/ssh | tee -a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

# Fingerprint: SHA256:uxJNkKzML7tBYwYdjzviimi/Nw4Nd8ghFpl2MOrYLnw


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F1085BD5 D359788F 05F936D8 3185A5BE
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147B3144 705DADC6 E30F10D4 58EE07ED C9BFE1A6


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